Size: 48 x 32.5 x 15 cm


Limited edition of 12


Polished Bronze


Price on request 



With ÉLÉGANCE PARISIENNE J. Leitner offers a new interpretation of what is probably the most famous flacons in the world - Chanel N°5.


Inspired by the iconic nature of the fragrance, the artist combines raw sensuality with opulent elegance, delicate gracefulness with strong self-confidence while simultaneously questioning the meaning and definition of luxury. 


Its exquisite surfaces interact in a symbiotic manner that makes this work of art, entirely sculpted in exclusive bronze, a sybaritic experience, with J. Leitner skillfully playing the different faces and sinuosities of the bottle into each other, amalgamating them into the sublime image of a camellia - Gabrielle Chanel favorite flower.


Hannelore Hölbling advised J. Leitner during the creation process, providing valuable expertise.




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