Size: 22 x 13 x 23 cm


Unique Piece


Carved from fine ceramic and dotted with

about 11.200 exclusive Crystals 


Handmade and created in over 120 hours


Not available.




The entirety of the EDELWEISS BLUE has been created with finest care and craftsmanship in the studio "rosenGarten". 


Inspired both by the delicate beauty of the extremely rare Edelweiss flower, also known as the "Queen of the Alps", and by the majesty of the Alpine glaciers – a tribute to the home of the artist. J. Leitner has given birth to a tasteful set.


The fine crystals, in delicate whites, fresh glacier-blues and springtime greens, are arranged in a multitude of festive floral patterns that make for the unique charm of the FRENCH BRUNO "Edelweiss-Blue".